What did you do?

The women achieved their goal.

Curt has already told me what he plans to do.

That boy likes to walk around the soap shop.

I just want to go home.

I'm sure going to miss her.

I've lost my pencil.

Barton has to look after Graham.


Donne lives in a small town in the Bavarian Alps.


Slow and steadily wins the race.

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You're feeling very sleepy, aren't you?


Stay with me, ladies and gentlemen.

He lives somewhere about here.

I cannot but believe her.

I'm just doodling.

"Give me back my book!" "What book?"


I recognized him immediately.


You used to love coming here.


Why did Heather spend time in prison?

All the guests did justice to his wife's cooking.

I saw Shankar swim across the river.

They watered their horse.

His name is Suzanne, not John.

"Finish doing your homework before you go out to play", Roberto's mother told him.

Mason's home and office were searched by the police.

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Granny went to pick some blueberries.

I thought you enjoyed my company.

There's something I feel you should know.

Kim said he regretted not following Kevan's advice.

It's a shame the way he internalizes homophobia.

May your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Morton started yelling.

I'm disappointed as well.

I told her to stay indoors.

Is this a recent photo?

You did a great job with Mysore.

Clearly, something has gone wrong.

She's good at bargaining the price down.

It's disgraceful.

Dan is here to protect me.

In Harbin, many people invite me to their homes to have dinner.

It's a special occasion.

It rained yesterday.

Leo is the winner.

Your face is pasted.

I'll take you there myself.


I love helping people.

Gunter is passed out.

Elliott couldn't think of a good way to explain what had happened.

If something goes wrong, just blame it on the translator.

Are you allergic to peanuts?

The fine weather added to our pleasure.

We're coming to pick her up.

Lin always seems to be short of money.

That's all I can say.

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The symposium was a little rougher that usual: "Never again," said Socrates the morning after.


Elliot doesn't know that Molly is in love with him.

I must make up for lost time.

I think we can come up with better ideas than this one.


When did you get to London?

You knew how to count to ten when you were two years old.

I'm theoretically home next weekend.

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Whose side is Mayo on?

Don't erase the sample sentence.

I'm not eating this potato salad.

Maybe you should call her.

Can I have a word with you, Hitoshi?


That kind of food isn't really my thing.


I had a mental breakdown.

This is something much worse than what happened before.

You're upsetting Jong.

She doesn't sing very well.

We are delighted at having been invited.

The company is bleeding money.

He has gone to Osaka on urgent business.


I don't know why she is this worried.


The secretary works on business correspondence.

French is Jeannie's primary language.

I'd better rewrite this paper.

I'm hoping to make the team.

We need to be more realistic than that.

The plane was three hours late due to bad weather.

Stanly wants somebody to help him.

The Berlin Wall fell in 1990.

I can't afford to buy a new bike, so I'll have to manage with this old one.


It's not a good situation.


I wonder if it's true.

A kiss is one of life's most precious gifts.

You should suppress your pride.

You're holding the book upside-down. This is upside-down and this is right-side up.

Maybe later.

That's the only hope we have left.

It looks like Brenda is drunk again.

They're friends.

He makes it a rule to sit up late at night.

There's not much to say.

She called, "Children, come downstairs."


Brad doesn't even talk to Marla anymore.

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That's my brother.

I was absent from school because I had a cold.

Third time's the charm.

She met him only recently.

Never trust anybody.

You know something about this, don't you?

Tell me. I'm all ears.


I doubt Maurice is really that gullible.


Here and there.

How am I close to you?

I should be enjoying Sunday with my family.

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What language do you speak in your country?

We'll see you around.

I heard that you two had a fight.

I tried to take our dog out of our house.

Make sure Ricky doesn't eat any peanuts.

When answering this question, some people might put forward this kind of example: "Chinese people are very hospitable, whilst English people are more reserved."

Didn't you have a date tonight?

"H" is not pronounced in French.

A TV set of this size will take little space.


Janos had to cancel his trip to Australia.

There is a swan in the water there.

I wish I had treated the girl more kindly.

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I've got a lot more experience than Carlos.

He is fuming that they will be sorry for it some day.

Can we at least try getting along?

The University Administration decided to set up a branch campus in New York.

Linda's suffering from the absence of his sweetheart Shel.

Last year my income was about five million yen.

Please accept my condolences on the death of your father.

Boyd lived in Boston for years.

What clothes do you think I should put on to go to my date tomorrow?

The team is only as strong as its weakest member.

Vernon is Curtis's brother.

I got up a minute ago.

The water shortage is due to the weather.

This bag looks as tough as the one you have.

He has a natural gift for speaking.

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She likes books too.

Would you please help us?

I get pain pills from my doctor.

He left his family and went to live in Tahiti.

I'll share both troubles and joys with you.


Father and mother together are called parents.

Sherman isn't much of a singer.

Sergeant publicly denounced the war.


Kamiya is sweeping his room.

Why don't you want to go to school, Markus?

She's lived here her entire life.

Would Brendan agree to this?

Laurel won't be the only one there.

I feel a little awkward.

It's not for me to tell you that.

If you're happy, I'm glad.

I have a large body of information in my computer database.

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Emily was surprised.

The magnetite is attracted to the earth's magnetic field.

Let's just meet here.

I'm checking out.

I must find a way to help you.

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Victoria eats less than Sofoklis.

I used to believe everything you said.

My friend has a really long name.

The president is expected to put forward a new energy policy.

The stupider the child, the more lovely.


It is time not only to equalize men's and women's wages, but also to equalize responsibility for housework.

I'm a salesman for our company.

It could be just a coincidence.