Was it difficult to make?

Harv helped Gabriel fix the broken table.

I need a pencil. May I use one of yours?

Yes, I can.

I've tried to contact her.

She really hates this kind of thinking.

Let's go somewhere nice for our wedding anniversary.

Do you spend a lot of time with your friends? Who are they? Funny people I think.

You could've ruined everything.

We need a lot of patience when we study.

Daikon might be more expensive than the carrots.

I wish you happiness.

You need to change with the times.

Fresh fruit is good for you.

Winnie is always very busy and never has any free time.

I'm glad we cleared that up.

You're much heavier than you used to be.

To investigate the incident would take us at least three weeks.


When looking for a new job, do not forget to read the want ads in the newspaper.

Did you ever do that?

Why did I go wrong?

Fifteen milliard euros must be saved over the course of the next four years.

She can speak French fluently, not to mention English.


He is too sensitive.


He arrived here just now.


That feels amazing.

The neighbors made a fool of him.

I'll treasure your kind words.

Where is the nearest tavern?

A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.

We spent a night at the mountain hut.

You two stay here.


The sight filled Vasilissa with horror and she stopped as still as a post buried in the ground.


I am moving next month.


Just throw them away.

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Will that really work?

They all left.

Having finished the work, he went to bed.

When the lights are red all vehicles must stop, and they may not start until they turn to green. Amber is the intermediate colour.

You're dying, aren't you?

I'm the tallest one in the class.

My neck hurts a little.


Tor is weakening.

Complete enumeration of the different parts of a carriage does not make a carriage.

John ignored my advice.


Are you fat?

Several people were standing in front of the notice.

Nobody said you didn't try your best.


Malloy usually sleeps in this room.

Lack of openness is a problem.

He knows the city well.

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You could've come over.


May I borrow that book from you?


I got all dressed up for Theodore's party.

Did I do something to make Juha angry?

Was there a malfunction?

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I need their names.

This part of the library is closed to the public.

I'm very sleepy now.

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I know exactly the one you're talking about.

I'm happy I met you.

I didn't have enough time to finish my presentation.

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Would she like that?

Do you really want to go to the party with Alf?

I've gotten used to going to bed early.


Fill her up.

Someone like that is destined to fail.

Roxana is a socialist.


Reservations are necessary.

I should never have thought they would take such a fancy to their teacher.

I came to ask you a favor.


I had to try.

She derives her temper from her grandfather.

What I want is a gin tonic.

Make your own decision.

I didn't leave the door open.

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Are you going to buy those?

What did they expect?

One dog and two people are jumping.

What should I do if Dory comes?

It's considered a great honor.

No one fights against liberty; at most they may fight against the liberty of others.

What happened to Winnie's head?

There are some pears in the box.

We had to learn the lines of the play in park.

I can't find my glasses. I may have left them behind on the train.

His goal is to not earn money.

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Paul offered a new plan.


She was waiting at the quay as the ship came in.

I'd better think this over.

I'm going to give you an injection of an analgesic.

You're always so romantic.

I keep calling, but I can't get a hold of Hunter.

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My sunburn has started to blister.

Are you some kind of good luck charm?

The bag was bursting with corn.


I see no harm in your going out alone this evening.

I think we're getting behind in this work.

I don't know how you did it.

This question is one of great importance.

The cap is too small for me.

Take it, or leave it.

You're obnoxious.


Sundaresan came here yesterday.

You said you could play the piano.

Why would I want to ride with Pam?

I thought I'd better go.

Evan doesn't sound too sure.


If I'm late, I'll call.


I would rather play tennis than swim.

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I'm staying with you.


It's very hot in this room.

Judge reached inside her purse and pulled out her license.

When you want to sell hot dogs in the ball park, you pay a concession fee to the ball-park's owner. When you want to profit from selling in the European Economic Community market, you pay what to whom?


I don't need your permission.

I think it's intriguing.

That's all Hume wants.

We'll meet again in October.

They were members of the middle class.

When I was at university, I liked to study Latin.

The dog went for the postman.

Businessmen often go to this restaurant.

Pat doesn't eat breakfast.

Where are you going on your vacation?

After two days our food gave out.

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Philosophy is my passion.

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Liber sat across from Clark.

It was a bitter disappointment to him when he failed his examination.

I told Brendan he didn't need to come into the office today.


I think I may have a solution.

Soon the day will be over and I won't have succeeded in doing anything.

Gunter changed into his school uniform.

The two of them have grown apart.

We're going hunting.

Who chose you?

It's a nice change.

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Have you ever broken a bone?


I promise that won't happen again.

Men lick their lips when they look at her.

He responded very quickly to my letter.

You just can't put a price on a moment like this.

A lot of houses were washed away by the flood.

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Today's mission: milk tea with mochi.


What if you get caught?

He ran the train over a cliff.

We've got a long day tomorrow.

Emma doesn't have any friends he can talk to about this.

Kate took careful notes on the history lecture.

The town was deserted.

He had to save the princess.


Probably, the prime minister means 'politics based on religious values.'

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You should get rid of these weeds.


Are you really going to cook dinner for us?


Manjeri had no choice but to do what Vilhelm told him to do.


Van is nicer than you.

I love doing things and crossing them off my bucket list.

Did they hurt you?